Mari Chokheli

Marina Chokheli has been in charge of the Harm Reduction Direction at the Open Society Georgia Foundation since 2010.

Marina is a lawyer.  She is a graduate of Tbilisi Juridical Institute.  She holds a degree of Master of Law.  She is an alumni of the School of Human Rights organized by Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (2006-2007).  In 2007-2009 she took part in Women's Human Rights Training Institute (WHRTI) organized by the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF).

Marina has worked in the field of human rights since 1999, in particular: in 1999-2010 she worked  for 42nd Article of the Constitution, a non-governmental organization .   In 2003-2006 she served as a board member, while in 2006-2009 as the Executive Director of the organization.  Since 2009 Marina has been a member of the audit commission of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition.


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