Citizens Offered to File Lawsuits against New Surveillance Bill

Georgian citizens will have an opportunity to file lawsuits against the new surveillance regulation approved by the Parliament several days ago.

The Constitutional Court has already ruled that the legislative package on illegal surveillance is unconstitutional. The revised version was developed by the parliamentary majority, but neither did this version take account of the Constitutional Court's remarks; so, the new surveillance regulation violates the constitution. It fails to protect the right to privacy and further increases the risks of personal data disclosure.

The campaign group This Affects You has developed an electronic lawsuit, which enables Georgian citizens to use all available legal mechanisms and appeal against the legislation.   

Interested persons can print out a lawsuit, sign it and submit to us from 12 noon to 7pm on April 6 at the following address: Chovelidze 10, Tbilisi; Open Society Georgia Foundation. You can also come to the mentioned address and our representative will help you fill in a lawsuit on the ground. You will need to submit your identity cards or passports.

Presentation of a lawsuit form was held at Open Society Georgia Foundation on March 31.  

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