Georgia Elaborated Plan of Transition from Global Fund Support to National (State) Funding

The Coordination Board has approved the plan of transition from Global Fund support to national (State) funding. It is of great importance to the representatives of civil society and community groups as it ensures sustainable transition to state funding.

That is why it is important to involve civil society in the process of implementation and monitoring of the transition plan. For the purpose of involving representatives of civil society and community groups and informing them about the transition plan, the workshop was held at Lopota Lake Resort on June 1-2, 2017.

The workshop was attended by Marina Chokheli, coordinator of harm reduction programs at the Open Society Georgia Foundation, who discussed the main problems and peculiarities of the plan.

Approaches to monitoring transition plan by civil society were also developed during this workshop.  Event was organized within the framework of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network's Technical Assistance to Civil Society and Main Vulnerable Groups. 

The project is funded by the Global Fund Program "Community, Rights and Gender". 



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