What has Changed since 2012 – Torture and Ill-Treatment in Closed Facilities

October 2, 2017

Five years have passed since the release of video footages, showing torture and inhuman treatment in prisons.

The report presented by Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) today covers the 2012-2017 developments in Georgia related to combating torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.

The report reflects the progress achieved by Georgia from legislative and practical points of view. Despite some progress achieved in several directions, due systemic reforms have yet to be implemented.

It especially concerns the establishment of relevant institutions, the existence of which will ensure that prevention of torture and ill-treatment, efficient response to the committed offences will no longer depend on the goodwill of particular persons. Among such institutions is an independent investigative mechanism, which will impartially investigate alleged crimes committed by law enforcers. Just this is the key challenge to the situation existing in terms of ill-treatment.    

The report focuses on the number of inmates, current conditions in prison, healthcare sphere, preventive measures against torture and ill-treatment, the role a judge plays in the fight against torture, rehabilitation of torture victims, investigation of the facts of torture, etc. It also involves the facts of ill-treatment revealed in 2015, which were reflected in the report prepared by European anti-torture committee, as well as the facts reflected in the reports of non-governmental organizations and Public Defender concerning alleged crimes committed by law enforcers.

The study is mainly based on the reports released by reliable international, regional and local supervisory bodies, as well as international and local non-governmental organizations. 




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