Who Can Apply

All non-profit, noncommercial non-governmental organizations, initiative groups and individuals who are eager to participate in developing open societies and building a democratic state are eligible to apply.

Two or more applications from one organization will be accepted only if each project is submitted by different structural units of this organization.

You are eligible to participate in the competition even if you are currently implementing a project financed by the foundation. The project proposal can be supported if it addresses a need or issue that is different from the currently implemented project, meaning its implementation is not related to the project already funded by the foundation. In this case, you must prove that the launch of the new project will not hinder the implementation of the previous one, since you will need additional working resource for the new project.

The applications can be submitted through the competition announced within the program or through free competition. During the free competition the deadlines for accepting the proposals are not defined. You can submit a proposal at any time convenient for you.


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