Public Health

In 2017-2020, OSGF will work on legislative amendments aimed at introducing Health Management Information Systems, an electronic database containing the main specifications of medication available in Georgia, which will be an open source for healthcare professionals and patients.  Working together with patients' groups and CSOs, we will use the EU Association Agreement as a tool to promote international standards for pharmaceutical regulations. We will also advocate for the introduction of a state program to subsidize prescription medicines for the socially vulnerable. 

Within the next two years, we will work to make sure that mental health community based housing and services, already piloted by OSGF, are scaling up year by year and that the government funding is sustainable.

OSGF will keep its focus on children's palliative care and Children's hospice launched in January 2017.  Through our joint efforts we expect that essential medicines list is updated, financial support by the government for essential medicines for the vulnerable and marginalized groups is increased. Patients maintain access to AIDS, TB and OST treatment after donor withdrawal. First children's hospice is operational. New community based facilities for MH services and residential care are launched and funded by the state or municipality. By the end of 2020 we expect pharmacological module of e-health to be functional and incorporated into National Health Management Information System. Community based MH housing and services in Tbilisi and at least five regions of Georgia are sustainable.  National Pediatric Palliative Care System is functional. We will channel our resources to improving health rights of ethnic minorities. 




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