What does it mean to be a staff member of the Open Society Georgia Foundation? It is a commitment. With your work you serve the goal of supporting and promoting the values of an open society.

Our organization is distinguished for being fast-paced and dynamic, and therefore provides great opportunities for professional growth.

As a result of objective and transparent selection of our staff, we have established a team of professionals. We appreciate and take into account the opinion of every single staff member and the activities of the foundation are based on team-work.

Selection of candidates, like other procedures, is a transparent process. Vacancy announcements are placed in popular internet job sites and posted on the web-site of the foundation. The evaluation criteria are strictly defined. All applicants, regardless of gender, views, status or nationality, undergo the same procedures.

Selection procedures vary according to the positions. In some cases the applicants may be hired for the position after the first interview. Some positions require additional stages of interviews.


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