Call for Participation in Sociological Survey Competition


Brief information

The goal of the OSGF Law, Media and Health Initiative is to develop and support protection of human rights in Georgia's health care sphere, promotion of the accountability in the society, collaboration between the non-governmental organizations working on the issues of healthcare and human rights and usage of law as a powerful tool for health advocacy.

Target Group: - Patients

Aim of the survey:

The survey is aimed at studying the condition of rights of the patients and marginalized groups (HIV-infected individuals and patients having AIDS, as well as those in need for palliative care).


The survey must reveal the following:

1)     If there are any cases of the discrimination of the patients because of their gender, genetic heritage, religion, political or other views, national, ethnic or social identities, origin, property or personal status, place of residence, disease, sexual orientation or personal negative attitude;
2)     If the patients have ever appealed to the court (what were the cases and what were the outcomes);

3)     If they are familiar with the healthcare legislation;

4)     If they are familiar with state advantages they are eligible for due to the current diagnosis;

5)     If they are stigmatized in the society;

6)     If the doctors observe the principles of confidentiality while dealing with the diagnosis and treatment process;

7)     If the availability of healthcare services and medicaments is satisfactory for the patients (specific as well as general medical services);

8)     If they encounter any problems during the employment;

9)     If they receive effective pain relief assistance and what are the methods;


All the relevant organizations and groups of sociologists having the adequate resources and experience for conducting the sociological survey are eligible to apply.

Competition Terms:

Ø     The survey must cover at least 1200 respondents.

Ø     The grant requested from the foundation must not exceed 18 000 USD.

Ø     The grant requested from the foundation must cover the expenses needed for the preparation of questionnaires, sociological survey, and preparation of forms and analysis of the data or focus-group results.

Submission of the Applications:

Due to the specifics of the competition, the foundation does not oblige the applicants to use the "Open Society Georgia" application form (except for the cover page that is available at the following address: or OSGF reception).

The Project Proposal must cover:

Ø     Complete information about the applicant.

Ø     List of the surveys conducted during the last 2 years.

Ø     Main indicators of the survey, blocks of questionnaires and samples of 2-3 questionnaires.

Ø     Action plan and implementation schedule.

Ø     Detailed budget.

The bios of the project director and members of the project implementing group must be attached to the proposal.

  • Two applications submitted by one and the same applicant shall be categorized as unacceptable.
  • Within the competition all the applications must be submitted in three copies and be registered in the OSGF office reception. The submitted materials shall not be returned to the authors.

Project Submission Deadlines:

Applications should be submitted no later than May 1, 2010

Address: 10 Chovelidze Street, Tel: 25-04-63, 25-05-92 Fax: 29-10-52

Contact Person:

Ms. Nina Kiknadze





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