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Who we are

Project is an independent, non-partisan, international youth-oriented online radio platform for equal participation and exchange between countries and territories of the South Caucasus. We support local active organizations, individuals and groups in steering debate on human rights, freedoms, democracy, global issues and other topics of importance to the local communities in the South Caucasus. supports independent, creative and informative online radio projects by young active groups who want to inspire positive change in their communities and beyond. Target audience age ranges from 15 to 25 years. is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). The Open Society Georgia Foundation is the partner organization of the project. 

What types of project ideas do we seek?

  • Ideas for new online radio channels providing lifestyle and entertainment programs (music, theater, literature, arts, sports) to incorporate debate on human rights and freedoms, democracy, global issues and other important topics through creative programming attractive and understandable for younger audiences.

For example, interest in specific genres of music may be a connecting element which will help to attract certain audiences to a given online radio station, while these audiences driven by interest in similar music styles, sports or other areas of interest may at the same time be more open towards discussing of some ethical or social subjects inside the given groups.

  • Creative ideas for new radio programs on human rights and freedoms to be included in already existing online radio channels.
  • Ideas for creative partnerships between new or existing online radio channels and organizations who produce content on human rights and freedoms. Thanks to the project's reach across the entire South Caucasus, the formation of various subcultural or lifestyle groups will help to open up communication between various countries and territories of the entire region.
  • Ideas for inclusion of specific interest groups or minorities, underrepresented in mainstream media in dedicated radio channels or radio shows.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Applicant originates from the South Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, as well as Abkhazia and Nagorno Karabakh.
  • Applicant is a registered organization, an individual or a group of individuals without affiliation with the state authorities or direct funding from the state budget.
  • Proposed project centers on provision of information through the means of online radio.
  • Proposed project supports the key topics of the project which are the following: respect to human rights and freedoms, democratic governance, peaceful cohabitation, non-discrimination on basis of nationality, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation, and access to independent information on matters of public concern.
  • Proposed project uses creative means of expression which help to attract specific audiences which are otherwise not actively included in public debate on the above mentioned key topics of the project.

What do we offer?

  • Opportunity to launch and operate a new independent online radio channel - can equip you with the necessary software, training and hosting
  • Links to existing or new radio channels through which you can broadcast your messages and shows
  • Interesting meetups about online media and newest trends in radio, especially online radio
  • Network of creative young active groups from all over the South Caucasus who want to inspire positive change in their communities and beyond
  • Online platform for sharing of interesting audio content from all over the South Caucasus - you can access interesting radio shows from elsewhere in your country or outside and use it in your radio channel, you can also upload and share your own content and hence achieve a greater impact
  • Training in
    • designing attractive audio content,
    • recording and editing audio content,
    • operating your own online radio program,
    • accessible open source technological tools for radio.
  • Access to equipment for audio production.
  • Financial support for organizing of your own meetups or other events  
  • Competitions for small grants
  • Competitions for equipment
  • Mentoring on your plans and project ideas

What to do

Please, fill in your project idea in the following form 


The deadline for applications is September 22, 2014.

You can fill in the form in English or Georgian.

For consultation and any questions regarding the application process please, feel free to contact the program coordinator in Georgia at:

E-mail: shalamberidze|

Tel: 5 91 00 49 14

Contact person: Khatia Shalamberidze




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