Strategic Litigation and Advocacy for Legislative Changes


Law and Health Initiative announces grant contest - "Strategic Litigation and Advocacy for Legislative Changes" for law firms, coalitions, non-governmental organizations and initiative groups.

One of the key priorities of Law and Health Initiative is the strategic litigation on human rights and the right to health in national, regional and international courts.

Contest objectives:

Protection of the patient's fundamental rights through strategic litigation and preparation of amendments to the Health Legislation; Promotion of high standards of human rights and the right to freedom is one of the fundamental goals of strategic litigation. This can be achieved through amending National Legislation and judicial practice and establishing international standards in the national legal system.

For more information on patients' rights and human rights and health, see the Guide "Human Rights in Health Care" -

Only one project will be financed by the foundation, which will:

Ø  Prepare package of legislative changes through analyzing strategic legal cases and cooperating with the Parliament of Georgia;

Ø  Conduct Research and collect cases of violating the right to health care;

Ø  Prepare reports and comparative analysis, in both Georgian and English;

Terms and requirements of submission of contest materials:

Ø  The project should be submitted in three copies (1 original and 2 xerocopies). 1 additional English copy is required;

Ø  The project should also be accompanied with a CD containing both Georgian and English versions of the project;

Ø  The applicant should submit the letter of cooperation from the Healthcare, Human Rights and Legal Committees of the Parliament;

Ø  It is required to submit the project compiled according to OSGF Standard Grant Application Form. (The form is available at the following address);

Ø  It is required to attach CVs of the project participants: project director, team members and experts; 

Ø  Ways of project implementation and advocacy strategy should be described in detail;

Ø  It is required to provide a list of those researches and experience a project is based on.

Ø  Two letters of recommendation from experts or representatives of the organizations involved in this field of activity should be attached to the project;

Ø  Contest material should be submitted at the Open Society Georgia Foundation Office. The deadline of submission is September 21, 16:00.

Grant proposals submitted after September 21, 16:00 will not be subjected to discussion.

The maximum amount of grant: 15 000 USD

Estimated number of projects to be funded: 1 best project will be funded.

It is recommended to launch the project on November 1, 2015 and its duration should not exceed 7 months.

Consultations for applicants will be conducted on September 7 and 10 at 12:30, at the Open Society Georgia Foundation office (address: 10 Chovelidze Street, Tbilisi), or by telephone on any working days (25 04 63, internal dialing code 315)

Contact Person: Nino Kiknadze, E-mail:




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