Funded projects within the framework of Civil Society Support Program competition “IDP Youth Integration in New Settlements“ (Deadline May 17, 2012)

1) №  18684
Project: "Active Youth - Precondition  for Successful Society"
Applicant: Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict
Head of the Organization: Rusudan Marshania
Project Director: Rusudan Marshania
Approved grant amount: $ 24,974.00
Total budget of the project: $ 24,974.00

2) № 18695
Project: "Development of Professional Skills and Support of the Employment Opportunities for Psycho - Social Integration of IDP Youth"
Applicant: "Education for Democracy"
Head of the Organization: Manana Kvachakhia
Project Director: Manana Kvachakhia
Approved grant amount: $ 24,994.00
Total budget of the project: $ 24,994.00

3) № 18699
Project: "IDP Youth New Initiatives, Approaches and Opportunities"
Applicant: NGO "Abkhazintercont" AIC
Head of the Organization: Archil Elbakidze
Project Director: Esma Nachkebia
Approved grant amount: $ 24,880.00
Third Party Contribution: $  15,060.00
Total budget of the project: $ 39,940.00

4) №  18703 
Project: "Everywhere is My Home in Georgia"
Applicant: Association "ATINATI"
Head of the Organization: Gia Khasia
Project Director: Rusudan Kalichava
Approved grant amount: $ 24,496.80
Third Party Contribution: $  900.00
Total budget of the project: $ 25,396.80

5) №  18704
Project:  Social Enterprise: "Centre for Accounting Services and Web-Design"
Applicant: Union on Development of Civil Society "Borjgalo"
Head of the Organization: Davit Bagrationi
Project Director: Ilia Guchmanidze
Approved grant amount: $ 24,184.00
Total budget of the project: $ 24,184.00

6) №  18715
Project:  "Youth Civic Partnership Initiative"
Applicant: Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazeti' (CHCA)
Head of the Organization: Eka Gvalia
Project Director: Tea Kacharava
Approved grant amount: $ 24,760.00
Third Party Contribution: $ 2,470.00
Total budget of the project:$ 27,230.00







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