Our Team

The Open Society Georgia Foundation has a staff of about fifty people. Their professionalism, hard work and dedication to teamwork principles largely determine the success of the organization. The employees of the Foundation are result-oriented and motivated to produce the highest quality work. They are distinguished for professional ethics and collegiality.

The staff members of the foundation are loyal to open society values and try their best to contribute to the development of an open society in Georgia.


      Executive Director  
  • Tamar Giorgadze
    Administrative Assistant,
    Personal Assistant to Executive Director                       

 Participatory Democracy Program                              Human Rights Program


National Integration Program                                     EU Integration


 Media Support Program  

 Public Health Program

  • Giorgi Kordzaia
    Assistant to Public Health Program, Salzburg Medical Seminars Coordinator


 Public Relations     

   Human Resources Management

 Financial Department



Sub-department of Grants 

 Administrative Support

     Administrative Assistant,
     administering the Foundation's


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