Media Program Strategy 2014-2016

The media sector in Georgia remains underdeveloped and riddled with ingrained problems. Genuine public interest media is profoundly weak; the few outlets that do produce ethical, investigative content that serves the public good rely almost entirely on donor support. Outlets lack basic business skills and often do not have marketing units, which makes them vulnerable to pressure from business and political interests. Breaches of ethical standards are common. Furthermore, the ramifications of the impending digital switchover remain opaque.

In 2014 OSGF plans to focus its support on the following:

  • Production of public interest content by online media outlets and independent TV studios
  • Improvement of business development skills of media outlets
  • Raising journalistic standards and improving media literacy
  • Fostering smooth and non-discriminatory digital switch-over




  • iFact for Investigative Journalism Development

    iFact for Investigative Journalism Development

    • Grant recipient:  Team of Invastigative Journalists iFact
    • Grant ammount:  21 870
    • Currency:  USD
    • Year:  2016

    The project goal is to prepare investigative reports on healthcare and other important issues, as well as to continue work on the Panama Papers; to post on its website infographics on important data once a week and facts twice a week; to inform Georgian journalists about the prepared materials and ensure their access to them. 

  • Polygon Ajara

    Polygon Ajara

    • Grant recipient:  Investigative Studio REC
    • Grant ammount:  24 730
    • Currency:  USD
    • Year:  2016

    The project goal is to prepare, together with a team of Georgian Regional Broadcasters Association, investigative reports and films for a weekly program Polygon dedicated to the problems persisting in Adjara. 

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