Civil Society Support Program 2011-2012

CSSP will focus on civil society strengthening, civil integration, peace-building and EU and regional integration, contemporary arts support (launched in 2010) and on a new priority - youth engagement.

The program will strengthen civil society through building NGO capacities to diversify funding; foster building local habits of corporate philanthropy and volunteerism; support NGOs in developing stronger ties with their constituency and advocating for common cause.

CSSP will promote peace-building initiatives in the context of European and regional integration, and will continue supporting feedback mechanisms with the focus on EaP and ENP.

To promote civil integration, the program will assist in articulating and advocating the interests of ethnic minorities and underprivileged groups; building trust between diverse groups of people; facilitating dialogue of emerging civil society actors with public authorities.

The program will assist youth in becoming responsible citizens through provision of civic education and the vision of what their country can achieve, as well as opportunities to make positive changes. Particular attention will be paid to young people with fewer opportunities to improve their access and engagement.

Goal 1: To strengthen financial and institutional sustainability of Georgian civil society organizations


1. Improve CSO financial management and fund-raising skills;
2. Increase revenues from local source including social entrepreneurial activities and increased membership base;
3. CSO research and project implementation capacities improved;
4. CSOs show greater engagement with the public;
5. Improve environment for and enhanced role of charitable, philanthropic, and volunteer activities;
6. Greater dialogue between the state and civil society organizations established.

Goal 2:To increase youth engagement in democratic processes


1. Youth exhibiting more tolerance towards different ethnic, religious, minority or political groups;
2. Youth become more engaged in civic activism.

Goal 3: To Increase participation of ethnic minorities and of marginalized and vulnerable groups in public life


1. Improve articulation and advocacy of the interests of various minority groups including marginalized and vulnerable groups;
2. Closer cooperation achieved among CSOs from ethnic minority and other regions working on civil integration of ethnic minorities;
3. Improve civic activism of ethnic minorities, IDPs and marginalized groups;
4. Improve public policy environment for the integration of IDPs and other vulnerable and marginal groups.

Goal 4: To strengthen CSOs engagement in peace-building initiatives and European and regional integration


1. Strengthen peace-building initiatives in the context of Georgia's European integration (with special focus on ENP and EaP);
2. Enhance people-to people contacts and confidence building between the CSOs in the areas affected by conflicts and CSOs in the rest of Georgia;
3. Increase monitoring and public awareness of EU integration.




  • South Caucasus Network of Roma

    South Caucasus Network of Roma

    • Grant recipient:  Center for Democracy and Civil Integration
    • Grant ammount:  31 259.00
    • Currency:  USD
    • Year:  2013

    Project aims at identification of real needs of Roma community in south Caucasus region and establishment of priority actions. Creation of south Caucasus Roma community network in order to support Roma community capacity development in the region.



  • Centre for Culture and Education/Mediatheque in Ivane Javakhishvili House-Museum (II)

    Centre for Culture and Education/Mediatheque in Ivane Javakhishvili House-Museum (II)

    • Grant recipient:  “Paidea”
    • Grant ammount:  19 968.00
    • Currency:  USD
    • Year:  2013

    Project aims at supporting  cultural and Educational activities on the bases of  Ivane Javakhishvili house-museum and activation of youth from Kaspi Region  

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