Media Program Strategy in 2011-12

Production and distribution of unbiased, relevant and diverse content

Proceeding from the increasing public demand for pluralistic and unbiased content to the issues of genuine public interest, during next two years the Program will continue working with experienced independent studios and publications, but will also target young professionals to engage them in dynamic journalism and in-depth reporting. The Program will also stimulate investigative journalism in print media and the regions. 

Media Program will encourage media to concentrate on production and distribution as a package and will assist media in producing diverse content by using traditional and new media tools for its distribution, thus putting emphasis on new media as an alternative platform for sharing quality content.

Financial sustainability and Institutional capacity of media

Significant increase in donor funding gives Program the opportunity to select target of its assistance very carefully. The Program will channel funding to a few media organizations that have demonstrated financial and editorial independence and assist them in strategic development over the period of next two years or more. Program will also encourage synergies of independent outlets to grow into commercially viable media holdings. OSGF will continue helping print and broadcast outlets in Tbilisi and especially in the regions, where media operates in outdated facilities and equipment, to strengthen institutional capacity on the condition that they practice editorial independence and produce community-oriented content.

Journalism education

OSGF will contribute by making journalism education at undergraduate level another key priority for Media Program to focus on. Media Program will work with the schools of Journalism to upgrade their production facilities so that they turn into a converged newsroom type of operation where students can practice journalism.  This will stimulate student production of video, audio and print content and its distribution online. Media Program will proceed with its earlier plan regarding journalism textbooks to be shared by all schools of journalism. Media Program will organize media literacy sessions with non-journalism student audiences to educate them on the role of media, its habits and professional standards, to help them better understand why free and professional media is important for their lives.   At all times Media Program will stimulate and encourage youth initiatives and engage young audiences in professional media activities and media critique.

Media Advocacy

Media Advocacy is another priority area where Media Program will consolidate efforts with other OSGF programs, foreign donors and various media advocacy groups. Media Program will act as a connecting point for media advocates to set short-term and long-term goals aimed at achieving transparency in media ownership, improving media regulations, depoliticizing Georgian National Communications Committee, and protecting journalists' rights. Media advocacy will reach out new constituencies and engage civil society, public figures and youth in debates and public discussions.


  • iFact for Investigative Journalism Development

    iFact for Investigative Journalism Development

    • Grant recipient:  Team of Invastigative Journalists iFact
    • Grant ammount:  21 870
    • Currency:  USD
    • Year:  2016

    The project goal is to prepare investigative reports on healthcare and other important issues, as well as to continue work on the Panama Papers; to post on its website infographics on important data once a week and facts twice a week; to inform Georgian journalists about the prepared materials and ensure their access to them. 

  • Polygon Ajara

    Polygon Ajara

    • Grant recipient:  Investigative Studio REC
    • Grant ammount:  24 730
    • Currency:  USD
    • Year:  2016

    The project goal is to prepare, together with a team of Georgian Regional Broadcasters Association, investigative reports and films for a weekly program Polygon dedicated to the problems persisting in Adjara. 

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