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Publication Date: 2018

Policy Brief – Access to Environmental Information in Georgia

This policy brief covers a period of January-November, 2017
Authors: Manana Kochladzeon behalf of "Green Alternative". Peer review by Dr. Tobias Schumacher

Publication Date: 2016

‘Public Scrutiny of Prisons – Can Unwelcome Democratic Control Prevent Torture?’

This policy brief is prepared in the framework of the project "monitoring implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement by coalition of civil society organizations" funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The document does not necessarily reflect the views of the donor. 
AUTHOR:Tsira Chanturia; on behalf of the Penal Reform International. Peer review: Kornely Kakachia; Proofreading: Camrin Christensen   

Publication Date: 2016

The Procedural Rights of Suspects in Georgia

Besarion Bokhashvili
Giorgi Mshvenieradze
Irakli Kandashvili 

Publication Date: 2015

The Phenomenon of Child Brides and its Impact on Georgia’s EU Integration

EU-Geirgia Association Agreement Monitoring Report.

AUTHOR: Ana Abashidze, Partnership for Human Rights 

Publication Date: 2015

Personal data protection in Georgia and the dialogue on Visa Liberalization with the EU

CRPE Policy Memo, April 2015

Author: Bogdan Manolea, Affiliated Expert, Romanian Center for European Policies

Published with the support of Open Society Georgia Foundation

Publication Date: 2014

Practices of Torture and Inhuman Treatment of Prisoners in Georgia

Survery Report
Published by Open Society Georgia Foundation 

Publication Date: 2013

Pediatric Palliative Care in Georgia

The project supported by the Open Society Foundations 

Publication Date: 2012

Palliative Care and Human Rights

Patient-Friendly Guide
Author: Givi Javashvili
Published with the Support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation

Publication Date: 2011

Public Opinion About Local Government in Georgia

Published with the Support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation

Publication Date: 2011

Problems related to the Propery Rights Protection of Property Rights - The case of Mestia

Published with the Support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation.


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