Khatuna Ioseliani-Civil Society Support Program Manager

Khatuna Ioseliani rejoined the Foundation in March 2010 in the capacity of Civil Society Support Program Manager.

Khatuna Ioseliani's professional experience includes working with the Open Society Institute (OSI) for two and a half years; USAID/Caucasus Mission for nine years; and the Permanent Mission of Georgia to the United Nations for almost three years. As a member of USAID's design and implementation teams she worked on democracy building programs to benefit the Parliament, the Judiciary, political parties, civil society and Georgian media.  She helped Georgian professionals, officials, and non-governmental and business leaders to improve their skills and knowledge through short-term and academic trainings to better contribute to the development efforts of the country.  As a South Caucasus Region Manager for the Open Society Institute's Academic Fellowship Program (AFP) Khatuna Ioseliani worked with the eleven reform-minded university departments in three Caucasus countries and assisted them in achieving world-class academic status and supported return, retention and professional development of about 40 Western-educated local scholars.

Khatuna holds MA degree in International Education Development (IED) Program from Columbia University and MA degree in International Politics, from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). 


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